Nerdy Laundry Podcast #16

Average Men of Oxygen and Carbon Discuss a Super Man of Steel

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Peter (who draws neat comics onĀ recounts his experiences of being an extra on Man of Steel. The panel then dissects and explores the facets of the film itself.

  • Peter!

    Haha, great title! Anyway, staying true to my word… Here is that article I mentioned in this podcast :)

  • Kal

    i loved the fuckin movie but i was raised on the old Fleischer cartoons. I kinda wish it had more action because ive already seen all other kinds of Supe movies. ive read plenty great Big Blue comics as well. So a good Superman action comic movie is what ive been wanting for a long time. finally got it. good show fellas. also he wasn’t Superman in the movie yet and it was his first day saving the world c’mon. for Lex 700 billion is chump change, he’ll repair everything and get all the votes.

  • alan

    Good point. As we discussed on the show, we’re all assuming they’re going full Luthor in the sequel…why wouldn’t they?

    Thanks for listening! :)