Drinking on a Prayer

36 Old Orchard #20

We’ll have another, and that’s a shot for love!
Artist: Peter Nadeau

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Author: Peter Nadeau When he is not spending his waking hours drawing comics and devouring podcasts, Peter enjoys watching horror movies, eating pizza, reading comics, writing stories, and wishing he had superpowers. His major motivation is really just creating as much cool stuff as possible and appreciating the cool stuff that others create. One time Peter won a trophy from a rodeo for riding a sheep longer than all the other children. Another time Peter was abducted by aliens. Ok, so only one of those stories is true. Peter publishes the weekly comic "36 Old Orchard" on this website

2 Responses to "Drinking on a Prayer"

  1. The Truckin' Nerd
    The Truckin' Nerd 7 months ago .Reply

    Guess Gina came home to clean that up, after working at the diner all day.

    So, did I actually sing that to ya? I mean, its totally me, but I can’t recall if I did that parody.

  2. Peter
    Peter 7 months ago .Reply

    Haha! Nah, this did actually happen, me blacking out and then when I came to I was puking all over the stairs of our apartment, but you didn’t sing that to me. I just thought of that parody at one point and it made me laugh, and I thought if anyone was to sing it, you would be the man for the job!

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