Nerdy Laundry Podcast

Nerdy Laundry Podcast #24

Kickass Koncerts

The panel exchanges stories the best concerts they have ever seen, and the concerts they want to see in the future or wish they could have seen when the band was together. There also might be some weird dolphin noises coming into your earholes.

Author: Alan Alan is the host and head writer for the Nerdy Laundry Podcast on Capes and Cartridges. He also dabbles in blogging, comic writing, convention coverage, and social media for the site. We recommend not engaging him in conversation about Ghostbusters, Batman, Back to the Future, or Firefly. You will likely get sucked into a discussion that will seemingly never end.

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  1. jenny
    jenny 7 months ago .Reply

    I knew I chose to listen to this podcast for a reason! The Adicts, wow! Holy trip down memory lane! I decided to dust off a few of their CDs to listen to in the car on my way to work this morning after listening to you talk about seeing them live. I ended up having a great day in corporate hell. Makes me want to bust out my Manic Panic hair dye, plaid bondage pants and Dr. Martens. Thanks for this!

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