My Last Nerd Convention of the Year: A Story in 23 Gifs

I don’t know about you, reader, but I plunge into a sadness spiral the second after leaving the convention floor on a Sunday afternoon. I refer to it as Post-Convention Stress Disorder. For me it’s C2E2, Anime Central, and then Chicago Comic Con (in that order) and then I’m financially tapped out for the year.

Sure, it seems logical to leave your favorite nerd convention after the second or third day of walking around and spending money, but then the revelation hits: YOU WON’T ATTEND ANY MORE CONVENTIONS FOR A WHILE.

And that sucks. Reality is the worst, isn’t it? I’ve detailed my intense feels for you below, from start to finish.

First, I look forward to my last convention for weeks or months before and think it’ll never arrive.

judge judy watch


Then I have trouble sleeping the night before, because it’s like Christmas morning.



But I finally manage to fall asleep and get out of bed on time, and I can hardly contain my excitement in the car

waynes world driving


Or when I check into my hotel room.

schmidt bed


It doesn’t even phase me when I hit the crazy lines to get my badge

i am invincible


Because nothing beats walking onto that con floor for the first time of the weekend.

jensen ackles comic con


It’s like a vacation and a carnival and a therapy session all in one.

emma stone this is the best


The excitement simply cannot be contained!

conan excited


And then I accomplish the one thing I came to do, whether that’s finding the ultimate collectors’ item or grabbing a prime panel seat or meeting a celebrity I admire.

minions fanboying


So I go to bed happy and then wake up the next day to do it all over again.

ariel bed


Fatigue sets in by Sunday morning, but I still end up at the convention for the last time and all I can think about is how much I miss my bed.

adventure time bed


So I make the trek home, in a significantly different mood than on my original journey.

fry hate my life


That’s when the sadness finds me, because I know it’ll be awhile until my next con.

hamtaro sad


And that sucks.

my heart hurts


It really, truly sucks.

why is life so hard


Because even though I try to distract myself, I’m still sad.

tobias crying


And a whole lot of upset.

penny crawl into hole


It’s hard to go to sleep that night, knowing reality awaits me in the morning.

bill murray sucked into space


At work the next day, people will inevitably ask me how I am and I’ll want to be honest

everything hurts and im dying


And act how I feel on the inside

robin drinking crying


But it’ll get to the point where that sadness will fade and seem silly.

it crowd no


I’ll finally realize that it’s better to look forward to the next con than mope over the last.

andrew garfield sad smile


And then I’m happy again, because the countdown has begun!

kristen wiig so excited


Well, that’s how I progress through each convention journey! How about you? Any other emotions to add?

Main image credit to MRio on Flickr. The gifs in this post were found through Giphy and are the property of their creators. No copyright infringement was intended and I’d be happy to add additional attribution if desired!