More Overlooked Skills I Wish People Would Endorse on LinkedIn

Remember when I went over my lesser-known workplace skills last time? Well, I uncovered more that are just begging to get endorsed on LinkedIn!

In addition to the 20 items I mentioned before, I’m also really fucking good at:

  1. Instantly deleting emails with terrible buzzwords (like ROI) in the subject lines
  2. Straightening belongings after the cleaning crew knocks every possible picture frame and doodad out of place
  3. Freezing my computer at inopportune times (much to my dismay)
  4. Maximizing freezer and fridge space to accommodate my food and drinks
  5. Opening unrelated articles in the browser’s incognito mode
  6. Writing upbeat, creative copy even in the middle of angsty moments
  7. Forcing pop culture topic ideas to tie into accepted article categories
  8. Browsing Buzzfeed and StumbleUpon, in moderation, when stress levels threaten sanity
  9. Shooting death stares to coworker who insists on unnecessarily singing every activity
  10. Discussing Game of Thrones with passing employees who engage me
  11. Betting on whether or not scheduled meetings actually happen
  12. Setting up rules to auto-delete “buy my crappy junk” emails sent to All Users
  13. Using the perfect creamer-to-sweetener ratio in my mug of morning coffee
  14. Navigating the office maze without knocking anyone over or destroying precariously placed, expensive equipment
  15. Completing even the bullshittiest of projects on time and with a smile
  16. Dressing in layers to beat ever-fluctuating office temperature
  17. Creating best playlists to circumvent self-destructive urges
  18. Using canned air to clean keyboard crevices like a boss
  19. Bridging awkward conversation gaps when possible
  20. Gracefully bowing out of lost-cause conversations
  21. Eavesdropping without being too obvious about it

So, there you have it. Do these make me a bad person? I hope not. But sometimes you’re naturally good at things, and these fit the bill for yours truly…

What are your overlooked skills, at work or otherwise? Please tell me. I’m quite lonely.


Image credit to Mike Neilson on Flickr.

  • Bell

    I thought Buzzfeed led to more insanity.

    Also, I may one day have need of your eavesdropping skills. I don’t know, I might want to start an industrial espionage agency or something.

    • Jill Zero

      Buzzfeed is a mixed bag, for sure. But I know I can always count on it when I need pictures of corgis in costumes, or capybaras taking baths! It’s impossible to stress when you’ve got that on your monitor! ;)

      Also, I’ve always wanted to be a secret agent! Let’s do it.