Puncanny Ex-Friends

36 Old Orchard #10

…And we’re back!

Artist: Peter Nadeau

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Author: Nick Nick is the mastermind behind Capes+Cartridges. Being a self-taught web designer, he has a passion for all things design. Nick works mostly behind the scenes, but if you ever see a long haired dude, with a beard, wearing a Capes+Cartridges t-shirt, say 'Hi!'. He's a pretty nice guy.

2 Responses to "Puncanny Ex-Friends"

  1. The Truckin' Nerd
    The Truckin' Nerd 9 months ago .Reply

    I don’t recall this?

  2. Peter
    Peter 9 months ago .Reply

    Haha, yeah, I’ve been mixing it up. While most of what happens in this comic has been based on true events, some of it is either made up or extremely exaggerated. I actually thought of this comic strip in a dream the week before I drew it. I’m being completely serious! Haha!

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