Nerdy Laundry Podcast Episode #12

Reboots We’d Actually Like to See

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“What series would you like to see rebooted?” would be the question that Alan should have asked at the beginning of the show, but he started the discussion before formally introducing the topic (fail). The panel has a colorful (and sometimes slightly off-topic) discussion about what reboots they’d actually like to see as well as examples of their most hated and most loved reboots. ┬áReboot.

[notification type=”notification_warning”]SPOILER ALERTS: ┬áInception, Batman Begins, The Last Airbender[/notification]

  • Peter

    How is this episode not called “Thong and Nipples for everybody”?!

  • Peter

    Also, hopefully people watch this: it’s a pretty hilarious youtube animation relating to our conversation of an Akira reboot on this episode.