Summertime: The livin’ is easy

Do you have a summer music playlist to usher in the warm weather? Capes and Cartridges’ contributors sure do! Gain some knowledge about Peter, Sam, Mike, Alan, Nick, Chris, and Jill right here and now (and possibly discover some new tracks in the process).


Streetlight Manifesto

“A Better Place, A Better Time”

I pick this song not only because all of this band’s songs could be considered fast paced fun summer anthems, but because of how perfect this song is for impromptu a cappella sing alongs. Often times my younger brother and I enjoy a summer canoe ride at a lake our family frequents, and while out in the water we’ll just start singing this song while enjoying the warm weather. This song always reminds me of those moments and that is why this is my perfect summer song!

Honorable Mentions:

[one_half]Mad Caddies – “Drinking for 11″
[one_half last=last]Kirby Krackle – “Teabagged”




“Ventura Highway”

I like to go classic when it comes to indulging in summer fun. Every time I hear these songs I can’t help but feel the sunshine on my face and the sweet taste of summer air. My favorite is “Ventura Highway” by America because it brings me back to my childhood playing outside all summer day!

Honorable Mentions:

[one_half]Canned Heat – “Going Up the Country”
[one_half last=last]The Beach Boys – “Don’t Worry Baby”



“Song 2″

Summer is all about rolling windows down and blasting your music.

Honorable Mention:

[one_half]Jimmy Eat World- “Sweetness”





As if the title of the song wasn’t on the nose enough, I think this song contains melodies and imagery completely representative of summer. The song is very light-hearted, and has an awesome orchestral bridge that will whimsically teleport you to a tropical place. I also really dig the Cake-esque jam toward the end of the song. “Farewell moonlight, we’ve had enough!”

Honorable Mentions:

[one_half]Bryan Scary – “Day-Glo Waterfalls”
[one_half last=last]Mad Caddies – “Falling Down”


Mad Caddies

“Just One More”

Seeing as how this is the third Mad Caddies song on this list, you’ll just have to believe me when I say the Mad Caddies = summer. It was hard to pick any one of their songs, as they are all amazing in my eyes. Ultimately, I chose this one. If I had to give a specific reason, it’d be because “I like the girls that go cha cha cha, when the band is playing wah wah wah.”

Honorable Mentions:

[one_half]Dirty Heads – “Hip Hop Misfits”
[one_half last=last]The Von Bondies – “C’mon C’mon”


Andrew WK

“She is Beautiful”

Why?  Three words: Dirty Power Slide.


Queens of the Stone Age

“Feel Good Hit of the Summer”

My summers have been spent around bonfires, in cars during extended trips, and under the hot sun. As different as each year’s summer months have been, music unites all of them in some type of infinite playlist. I can think of a few songs that always scream summer sounds into my ears, no matter where I am or what the temperature happens to be. The first is Queens of the Stone Age’s “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”.¬†Its no-nonsense lyrics and dirty riffs cut straight to the point and drag me along for the ride. It makes me want to drink and smoke and sit in the sun until my skin becomes raw and pink. How’s that for summer fun, eh?

Honorable Mentions:

[one_half]Kula Shaker – “Govinda”
[/one_half] [one_half last=last]The Yardbirds – “Heart Full of Soul”


That about does it for us, at least for now. What’s your favorite summer song? Do you have any go-to jams when things heat up? Are there any tracks you share with us? Let us know — don’t be shy. Leave a comment.

  • Nick

    I think Chris’s actual 3 word answer is “sweaty man nipples”