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[one_third]the-vision-is-cast[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

The Vision becomes a reality

Jarvis becomes The Vision, maybe?
via: Nerdist[/two_third]

[one_third]amazing-spiderman2-trailer[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

The Amazing Spiderman 2′ Extended Trailer

With the Superbowl comes movie trailers and this one looks amazing. Whaaaaaaa.
via: Entertainment Weeekly[/two_third]

[one_third]the-rock-john-stewart[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

Is The Rock Green Lantern?

More rumors from the ‘Batman vs. Superman‘ arena.

[one_third]sonic-boom[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

New Sonic game and cartoon

Sonic is back in ‘Sonic Boom‘! Calm down Guile.
via: Topless Robot[/two_third]

[one_third]uncharted-move-gets-director[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

Uncharted’ movie finds it’s director

The movie adaptation of action-adventure game ‘Uncharted’ is still alive, and will allegedly be getting a new director.
via: GameSpot[/two_third]

[one_third]seymour-hoffman-dies-at-46[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies at 46

Don’t do drugs kids.
via: NY Times[/two_third]

[one_third]back-to-the-future-musical[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

Back to ‘Back to the Future

This time in musical form! Coming to London in 2015 and possibly the states later on.
via: Rolling Stone[/two_third]

[one_third]stan-lee-confirms-black-panther-movie[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

Stan Lee confirms ‘Black Panther‘ movie

When and how are still unknown however.

[one_third]arkham-origins-wiiu-dlc-canceled[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

Batman: Arkham Origins’ DLC Cancelled

Don’t worry, just for the Wii U. What’s a Wii U, you ask? Hell if I know.
via: IGN[/two_third]

[one_third]transformers-4-grimlock[/one_third] [two_third last=last]

Transformers 4‘ Super Bowl Spot

Optimus Prime riding Grimlock, wielding a sword? Yes please!
via: Entertainment Weekly[/two_third]


  • Randy

    i dont want to see any more slow motion transformer fights