The Naughty List

Truckin’ Nerd Podcast Episode #3

Mike’s patience is put to the test as panel members Chris and Peter ask him ridiculous and offensive questions about a topic that can only be described as “Christmas pornography.” ¬†Eventually, a few aspects of Mike’s trucking and free time are discussed, but then quickly dismissed because it’s seemingly funnier to irritate Mike and go off-topic.

Author: Alan Alan is the host and head writer for the Nerdy Laundry Podcast on Capes and Cartridges. He also dabbles in blogging, comic writing, convention coverage, and social media for the site. We recommend not engaging him in conversation about Ghostbusters, Batman, Back to the Future, or Firefly. You will likely get sucked into a discussion that will seemingly never end.

2 Responses to "The Naughty List"

  1. The Truckin' Nerd
    The Truckin' Nerd 1 year ago .Reply

    Title wasn’t gonna be “Must Be Santa Claus?”

  2. Sean
    Sean 1 year ago .Reply

    “The thing is … you have … breaks.” – Mike the Trucker

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